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I'm happy being a little bit peculiar.

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So this is my new computer! I can type on it and everything. It’s exciting.

Bit of a mixed bag, though, because I checked up on the last update and which plays and edits I’ve lost. Which is a lot. Because I’ve actually done quite a bit since May, which was my last backup, because I suck.


Maybe have been bawling a little bit, but there’s nobody here but me and my Whiskey, so who’s keeping track?

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  1. rosewindow said: Hugs!
  2. neenya said: i’m so sorry this happened. and still very pissed at the Evil Person responsible. also: save your stuff online and/or do hourly backups on your computer like i do because i am a freak. also back up your back up and keep it in a separate room/hous
  3. duxford-air-museum said: That sucks and is overwhelming but I think you can do it!
  4. 24-alpha-24 said: I love you, bb. *hugs*
  5. bluesrat said: Use Dropbox as your primary set of folders to store documents and stuff you’re working on. It backs everything up to a cloud server so you can access it anywhere, AND it gives you versioning to protect against corrupt files.
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