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Headcannon that Scott always ends up in the chair every time they try to have a sleepover because stiles just completely STARFISHES across the bed and even though the bed worked out just fine when they were six it doesn’t really work at sixteen when Stiles is six-foot-get-your-fucking-knees-out-of-my-back and Jesus FINE I’LL JUST SLEEP IN THE CHAIR

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"The first three hours after any abduction, that’s what we call the Kill Zone"


Sometimes, children, when you love an actor very, very much, and decide to watch all of the things that they have been in, it really pays off.

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We were, in other words, screwed. But we were on top of the situation. We knew we were screwed, and we had chosen the manner of our screwedness. We understood it and to that extent we controlled it. It was like the Nuclear Threat—while it was going on, we didn’t have to think about nay other kinds of screwed we might be.
Nick Harkaway, The Gone-Away World (pg 296)

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