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So this is a song I’ve always loved. It’s one of the themes of my Stiles&Boyd piece, which is in progress. 

"Goodbye," Elton John

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A song for the lovely Hilja! Sorry it’s not super cheery, but I think it’s cute. Rough recording, you know the drill.

Love you!

"100,000 Fireflies," The Magnetic Fields

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A gift for Holly!


and so I learned and arranged and recorded a tune for her! I apologize if it is inaccurate - I didn’t actually know the song before, oh, 40 minutes ago, so let’s call it “taking some artistic liberties.”

"The Rains of Castamere" from Game of Thrones, originally by The National

(The National does dreamy-creepy-rumbly-low, which I can’t do, so I tried to do dreamy-creepy-fluty-high. Mixed results)

[if you want presents you can click the link and get them or ask me for presents I guess]

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Danny Boy

Remember how we were going to do this aaaaages ago?

Yeah, so now I have a shiny new computer with shiny new mic to try out, and it is the day for Irish-American people to behave in ways unrecognizable to actual Irish people. (BUT I LOVE IT. Seriously, I want to some day write a book about Irish and Irish-American history and life because FASCINATING)

Anyway. This is a song. It’s sad. You know it. sing alooooonnnnggg

(it’s about a dad sending his son off to the States/Canada/England/elsewhere. Sounds killer with a tenor voice, but you’re stuck with me!)

Happy St. Paddy’s, chickens!

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Latest addition to the Everything Is Better as a Waltz Project.

This week (this isn’t weekly, but whatever): Plain White T’s!

You know, that song that was inescapable in the mid ’00s. 

Now, it is a waltz.

Sorry for my pitchiness, it’s cold as shit in my basement, where the piano lives. Maybe you can’t tell …

"Hey There Delilah," Plain White T’s

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Okay, so this is a weird cover of that omnipresent Radiohead song that I did as part of my research for one of my senior theses (theatre major what what).

It’s kind of long and strange, and I’ve edited out the weird dialogue bits, because they make zero sense out of the context of the play, but suffice to say … I don’t know. It made sense at the time, and I have some affection for it, so now here you can have it if you want.

That’s it, really.

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