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Best Song Ever


Super not classy, low quality, but it is done!

I promised someone a One Direction waltz, and lo, months later, I have delivered!

"Best Song Ever," by One Direction, as a waltz!

I finally did the thing. Curry, was it you I promised this to a bajillion years ago?

It is rough, but it is fun

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So this is a song I’ve always loved. It’s one of the themes of my Stiles&Boyd piece, which is in progress. 

"Goodbye," Elton John

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A song for the lovely Hilja! Sorry it’s not super cheery, but I think it’s cute. Rough recording, you know the drill.

Love you!

"100,000 Fireflies," The Magnetic Fields

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A gift for Holly!


and so I learned and arranged and recorded a tune for her! I apologize if it is inaccurate - I didn’t actually know the song before, oh, 40 minutes ago, so let’s call it “taking some artistic liberties.”

"The Rains of Castamere" from Game of Thrones, originally by The National

(The National does dreamy-creepy-rumbly-low, which I can’t do, so I tried to do dreamy-creepy-fluty-high. Mixed results)

[if you want presents you can click the link and get them or ask me for presents I guess]

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